maandag 27 november 2006

Not much to tell this time

We had a relaxing week. For me that was good, as I am sleeping not so very well at the moment. I have to talk about it in half an hour, when I have the baby check-up. The result is, that I felt tired - and that was made stronger by the rain we had in the past week. Ah well. It is still too hot for the time of year here - 15 to 18 degrees Celsius is not something to expect in November. I still remember when our Steven was born (1993), it was freezing on Nov. 18 (-7) and on the 20th snow was falling down from heaven. Now the sun is shining.

Still I managed to do some knitting. I finished the sweater for the baby set - I only have to buy a set of six buttons for it. (photo will follow) It will be sent out to my friend in Canada - her daughter is expecting a baby girl any day now.

Our washing machine broke this week as well. It could be repaired, but its absolutely not cheap anymore to let something be repaired. Ugh!

I have a hard time choosing as well. L. who has become a dear friend of mine - and I am doing regular test knits for her - sent me a gift certificate to choose some yarns to play with. But I saw so many that it is hard to choose.

Like this one, for example... it is a handpainted yarn from Opal, which colour combination refers to the falling leaves in Autumn. Personally I like this colour combination a lot, but - as I am a winter child - I might wait a little and see if there is a winter combination coming. (snow-ice-blue might be cool) Ah well... I am dreaming and have to get ready, otherwise I'll be too late!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful picture! I love autumns all colours. I have born in autumn. My autumn has been very busy at work. And now it is very dark and rainy in Finland. It´s dark when you go to work and in the evenin git´s dark. Only about four hours we have sun in central Finland. In september and in the beginning of October it is very beautiful.

  2. Just beautiful yarn!! Can't wait to see what you pick!