maandag 28 augustus 2006

Depressing weather

After a beautiful July we had August. Rain for almost the entire month, believe it or not. Not just a little bit - but heavy showers. It invites you to sleep - but I have no time. I started a job, to earn some extra income and am spending half a day outdoors, delivering mail. It is nice work - though in these heavy showers it is hard to keep the mail dry... and it goes through rainsuits in the same speed. The effect is that you''ll end up cold and stiff at the end of the shift.

I finished a test sock this weekend. And I still have some works in progress - a sweater for Alexa, another test sock and a crochet work.

I am getting really tired of my two oldest children. They are fighting like a married couple. I hope they get back to school soon...hopefully they will start this week... then I'll get some rest :-)

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