dinsdag 6 juni 2006

Wrapped up...

A little while ago I saw a contest on www.hipknits.co.uk The challenge was to make something out of yarn that the people at Hipknits had left over from spinning. They would send out five or six different yarns out - depending on weight and the challenge is to make something out of it.

My thingie is finished, and ready to be shipped back. According to my daughter it is a retro accessoire, to carry your cellphone on to your belt, or bag if you like. The results will be displayed in London (UK) in October, so I guess it is best not to post photos yet of it. That has to wait..:-)

At the moment I am enjoying a MP3 CD with music of The Statler Brothers. Relaxing music is the keyword as I am struggling with an ear-infection, due to the lovely allergies I have.

Guess what! I have been writing! Two different poetry forms!

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