maandag 8 mei 2006


In de schaduw van mijn appelboom die volop in de bloesems staat heb ik zitten genieten van de wol die ik in een dwaze bui had besteld, afgelopen week. Ik besloot mij eens te verwennen met Opal wol, verkrijgbaar via . Hagebutte, Uil, Jeans en Acapulco 1301 om precies te zijn. Alexa koos eigenlijk direct de Hagebutte. Een vrij dunne sokkenwol, die wegbreit als katoen. Ik moest er wel even aan wennen, omdat de stekenverhouding in eerste instantie niet helemaal lag, zoals het zou moeten, maar je breit een paar in anderhalve dag met dit spul. Goud!

I decided to spoil myself with Opal yarn, which I ordered through the Dutch salespoint at (for the United States: I purchased Rose Hip, Owl, Jeans and Acapulco 1301. To be honest I had to get used to the yarn. It is thinner than what I normally use, and it works away like cotton. I had to frog it a few times before I had the number of stitches in the right order. It knits awfully fast! The pair that I knitted for Alexa was ready in 1 1/2 day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, I so love these socks, they're beautiful and you knit them up so fast! Opal is truly an amazing yarn - something to get used to at first, but then it's so fun to knit with, isn't it?

  2. Nice socks! I think I have to try this Opal, too. It's incredible how big differences there might be between yarns!

  3. What wonderful yarn! I just love your socks! Isn't it great when you find a yarn that wants to be knitted? :)


  4. Opal is my favorite sock yarn. I knit it up at 8 stitches per inch. Some of my Opal socks are six years old and going strong.

    I was rather shocked at the brightness of the Rose Hips. It looked much more pastel on the web site. But now that I've seen your beautiful Rose Hips socks, I can hardly wait to knit mine.