vrijdag 26 mei 2006

Bazaar socks part two

The toe as only challenge in the Bazaar sock...

At least, that is what I thought. A second challenge in this sock is the heel. I frustrated myself as I did not get the yarn overs right. Tried to knit it in pattern, but lost the oversight. So I frogged it again - and again - and again.

Until I decided to lose the stripes and knit it in background colour only. Now I only had to keep the yarn overs in mind, and lateron the knit together points. The heel formed itself nicely now, and now I can continue the pattern. A solid heel breaks and the yellow I used for it looks cool. I'll leave it this way.

More photos will follow next week, as I will be away this weekend.

1 opmerking:

  1. Sorry your sock was misbehaving! Glad you got it to toe the line :)

    Hope you have a nice weekend!