vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Just a few photos...

...of an amazing package that I received. My swap partner in the Favourite Thing Swap 4 is Laura from Illinois. She made me speechless for sure. One thing in the package had to be hand-made. She knit a beautiful scarf in blue-greens and as you can see there is a leaves pattern in the scarf. It is beautiful!

As I noted in the title, I had to select a few photos, as I made more than 10 over the entire package. There was so much hidden in it!

A bath set; towel and soap, coming from Laura's vacation...

a lovely little squirrel, with a tiny little scarf... the area Laura lives is famous for the squirrels. She sent a lot of information about her area, which I will read for sure.

A beautiful book about knitting lace as they do in Estonia. A treasure in itself! Two music CD's with beautiful country music. Also recipes, notebooks and a toolkit for knitters was included. And beautiful yarns, chips and chocolate. The chips survived the trip... but will not survive the weekend!

And there was much more... beautifully tagged... but I had to pick just a few photo's to give an impression... Thank you so much Laura! You made me speechless!

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  1. Well Bianca, Laura must live near me , to some degree. I am Illinoisian too. What is her blog?? I want to connect since you have!