zaterdag 11 oktober 2008

Autumn colours

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Simply beautiful. I took this photo yesterday while walking through the park with Wietse.

I also have some finished- and started stuff to show.
A detail and the entire Stocking. It took me a total of 185 meter (202 yards) in total. That is 135 meter for the white and 50 meter for the green yarn. I used 3.5 mm needles to knit the stocking. Used yarn: Scottish Aran Wool, and homespun Merino.

The other photos are showing the start of a sock for Alexa in Trekking XXL-Spring. Color number is 301. The dark picture is showing the start of Block 2 of the Wolhemel KAL blanket, and the sock later that evening. It was almost midnight when I took the photo...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The socks are Absolutely gorgeous, better knowing it is scottish aran you used, and the photo of the park looks fab.......

  2. In ONE evening? With young children around? You are amazing. Love your colors too! Ours a not at peak yet, but starting!

  3. Fall is a beautiful season all over the world. Love the fair isle on the sock so beautiful I must try to do this.

  4. Those trees are such a beautiful colour!