vrijdag 12 september 2008

No photos...

at least not now. I am almost done with my second fingerless glove. They are turning out really cute.

I did not have a lot of knitting time today. Had to visit the dentist - in Vlaardingen - and have a new appointment for the 25th. Erosion in my tooth is going to be fixed then. Alexa and Wietse were with me, as Alexa had plans to go shopping.

But alas... her salary did not get paid today and her humour was disastrous. Count on that the rainy weather...ugh! So her plans literally fell into the water. I for myself was glad to go home, as shopping in the rain is not my favourite hobby.

Further... there is not much news. The kids are getting used to the school rhythms and Wietse is sleeping a tiny little bit better.

I hope to show some photos after the weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope you feel well soon!

  2. That's a lot to have going at one time. Sending you a bunch of hugs! :)