zondag 31 augustus 2008

Guess what I have been doing...

...knitting... a bit, okay. I'm working on a shawl in Kid Merino and on socks for Wietse.
...enjoying the last Saturday of the school vacation, okay.
...spinning... no, alas, not today.
...shopping for groceries... yep!
...and I purchased a cd online! Awesome! I can't wait until that one comes!

Strange though... for ten of these songs of this cd I know the text completely. I can literally sing every word. My dad used to play the record of Johnny Sea every Sunday. He was even offered an enormous amount of money for that record... but did not sell it though. Titles like: It won't be easy, Mr and Mississippi, Loneliness stuck in my mind for all these years. They can be found on the CD Blue Moon of Kentucky. I am glad though that my kids don't know his music yet...LOL! I'd brainwash them until they know all lyrics hahaha!

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