zaterdag 19 april 2008

You know that you are really sick when... shiver
...your nose hurts're having a fever're having a terrible headache have to frog what you are doing four times before grabbing the chart to see what you actually did wrong

... so... I am sick! Stupid grass pollen finally got me down. I had to quit my treatment for it in 2006 after I found out I was expecting our Wietse. Since I am still nurturing him, I am not allowed to take meds for it. I give nose is sore, my eyes are swollen... simply put: I hate it.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no! Get better Bianca! I hate being sick too! I'm sending well wishes your way and Gus and Abby send some drool (we've been told its good medicine.)

  2. Oh no! That sounds terrible! :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Bianca! I really appreciate it!


  3. Oh my, get well soon and big hug for you. :x

  4. Bianca

    Oh No. I hope I didnt give it to you. Cyberspace virusees are wicked. My cold is relentless this time too. I wouldn't even attempt a chart with a cold. You are so good.

    You just drink lots of fluids.

    Im sorry I gave it to you.

  5. Im so sorry I gave you my cold. I am now on antibiotics and steroids after a chest xray yesterday. It is a doozy.

    Your tiny one's baby sweater is so adorable. GREAT job, the baby and the sweater!