maandag 12 november 2007

On one thing we agree

...and I refer to the comments on my previous posts. We all read charts starting in the right bottom corner, working our way up.

As pattern rows are not determined yet, and more ideas popped into my head, I decided to play with it; in order to create a set to everyone's likings. You, my dear friends have to be patient for a while, I'm afraid. :-) But I know you will love what I have in mind.

Knitting this weekend was pretty black - I am still working on the sleeves of the cardigan I am designing for T, using the pattern of the dress I previously did. I still have a few rows left to go. With a little luck I can finish it today and send it out by tomorrow.

Last week I sent out the package for my SP 11 pal... a little late for October, but with good reasons. Have to start the last one, to send out by the end of this week preferrably.

Two friends of mine notified that a package is on the way to me. One with yarn goodies, and the other one seems full of surprises. I love surprises, by the way...LOL! I also am looking forward to the package of my Secret Pal that must be on its way...

By the end of this month I also have to send out two Christmas exchange packages... always fun! Can you imagine how hard we are going to 2008...

Ok! I am yapping too much again. Back to my knitting! Photo's soon!

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  1. i have spent the last two days with not so much knitting. the panda silk requires that i use #1 us needles for sock foot, and that is not my favorite, so i need a break.
    i also had problems with dropping stitches and then seeing a twisted stitch far back and looking ugly. this was on a solid, not tonal, panda silk, so the flaws really showed very much. and then it was just frustrating.
    i have a need to work on one thing, and a desire to do another, so until i can stop the arguing with myself, LOL, and settle down, i need to rest.
    i am catching up on my reading and on looking at knitting books.
    found two designs i really want to do. one is a stitch design and was to be a scarf but will work for socks. the other is for color work and a plan to do a very big project, in a type of Kaffe Fassett style. Problem will be to select the yarn for the 2nd one to find colors that sing to me.

    blessings, :L