maandag 26 juni 2006

All messed up.... and no place to go!

All messed up; yeah computer problems. I am not spending words on that issue for now.

In the past 14 days I have been busy. Knitted two pairs of socks that I had to frog as they were too wide for my husband's feet. The third pair is a little too tight for my taste on his feet, but he thinks they are perfect. Ah well. Now knit back the other two pairs... then he is content and I can start knitting for myself.

I also spent time on a test-knit. A hat. It is on its way to the designer now, and I hope she likes it. It sure was a pleasure to knit.

The boys have been on school camp. One son came back bruised and scratched as he made a salto over his bicycle and dropped on the street. He is healing, but I was not pleased.

The youngest had fun in Utrecht and Baarn. We only did not have fun, picking him up in Rotterdam last Thursday. As our car had to go to the garage for the annual APK check, we had to take the bus. A drama. In Rotterdam-Hillegersberg, the bus drove over a piece of concrete and smashed back on the street. Diesel streamed out of the tank and the bus did not move anymore.

There was no option than to walk and try to take another bus to Rotterdam Centrum. Ugh....we had to walk all the way to Station Rotterdam North, missed the train over there, just catched a city bus and when we arrived at the station Rotterdam Centrum, the directions to get to the subway were awful. We arrived 20 minutes late... exactly the time we had to walk. Believe me, you'll be faster in the beautiful province of Friesland, than in the inner city of Rotterdam....

Tomorrow is parent-teacher night...I will go but not by bus... I'll cycle instead.

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